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2012 CLIA Conference will be held in the Kansas City Metro area. August 27-31, 2012

Training Provided

We provide training for law enforcement, fire department and forensic professionals.  Our instructors are experts in their fields and have been involved in the investigation, seizure, and prosecution of clandestine laboratories.  Our other instructors are experts in the area of chemicals properties and chemical hazards.  These are not your typical run of the mill training and certification programs.  You won't get a lot of insignificant information, all training is in compliance with OSHA regulations.  Also, you won't feel the pinch of high prices that others charge for certification classes. 

We do not have a training center to conduct these courses. Agencies wishing to have this training must provide a facility and any other logistics to complete the specific course. This is done to keep cost down.

Contact us with your needs and we can price a program to fit your budget.  

40 Hour Clandestine Laboratory Investigation

This is a 40 hour course that meets the requirements set out in OSHA regulation 1910.120. This course is required before investigators can participate in the dismantling and disposal of clandestine laboratories. There may be a hands-on "cook" class for the students, depending on the availability of facilities, by the hosting agency.

OSHA Supervisor Course

This is a one-time, 8 hour course for officers required to be in control of a clandestine laboratory site. This training is mandated by OSHA for any officer that will have control and supervision of a clandestine laboratory site.

24 Hour Clandestine Laboratory Awareness

This 24 hour course is for officers and entry teams, that do not participate in the investigation of clandestine laboratories but are assigned in a support-only capacity. These personnel cannot dismantle, process or dispose of clandestine laboratories.


This course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of the methamphetamine abuser and the processes used to manufacture methamphetamine.  

The course covers the following topics:

History of Methamphetamine in this country

OSHA regulations regarding Hazardous chemical waste site

The methamphetamine abuser

Manufacturing processes

Chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine and their hazards

Apparatus used to manufacture methamphetamine

 Methods of operation the meth “cooks” use in setting up a clandestine laboratory

Safety precautions for the first to arrive at a clandestine laboratory

Procedures to be followed when a clandestine laboratory is discovered

New trends in manufacturing processes


The 8-hour recertification class will re-certify students in accordance with CFR 1910.120.  Those who have completed a recognized 40-hour certification class and who are not past 18 months in recertification are eligible for the class.  The course combines a review of the essential elements of the OSHA regulations with hands on refresher training in respiratory protection and updates on currant trends seen in the manufacturing process. In addition to practical exercises, the course includes a review of:


Chemical hazards

Physical hazards

Air monitoring

Hazard assessment

Personal protective equipment


Respiratory protection

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